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Reviews – 7 Ways

7 Ways - LongPRAISE FOR 7 WAYS …

For anyone seeking spiritual happiness and fulfillment in life, V. M. Gopaul’s 7 Ways to Obtain Divine Gifts and Powers is a wealth of inspiration and practical guidance. Combining real-life examples with insightful discussion, this book opens the doors of spiritual understanding…
– Ray Jeffords, Ph.D. retired CPA

I found it to be very enlightening, inspirational, full of insights and common sense advice regarding our daily spiritual living… I would highly recommend it in trying to find a balance on your path in the progress of your own spiritual development with God.
– Maddie Wingett

V.M. GOPAUL helps the reader understand the inner spiritual meaning of concepts and terms encountered in the scriptures of religion, such as being ‘born again,’ and the ‘rapture’ predicted to occur at the end of the world when the dead will be raised from their graves.
– Carla Jeffords

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