Divine Gifts & Powers

Recreating A Beautiful Soul Series


V. M. Gopaul Profile PicV. M. Gopaul is married, a father of two children, and currently lives with his family in Ontario, Canada. His hobbies include community service, traveling, swimming, skiing, and writing.

Gopaul is a modest man who appreciates the simple things in life. Love, laughter, and a solid spiritual foundation are the building blocks to successes in his own life.

V. M.’s first two spiritual-based books include Teach the Baha’i Faith With Ease and Family Virtues. He is now directing his focus to the Recreating A Beautiful Soul Series with 7 Ways to Obtain Divine Gifts & Powers as book one. He has been a Bahá’i for over forty years and served in various capacities as pioneer, travel teacher and member of Bahá’í Institutions, including working at Bahá’í World Centre.

Gopaul is a retired software consultant having offered his expertise to such international companies as Merrill Lynch, IBM, XEROX, the Royal Bank of Canada, and the Barclays Bank of England. Active for more than 25 years in information technology, he currently specializes in databases and has written several computer books.

V.M.’s passion for writing has also taken him into the realm of fiction. His debut political/action thriller Tainted Justice launched his career as a fiction author. He is currently working on a second thriller for release in 2015.

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