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teach the bahai - smallerThe Baha’i Faith is entering a new and challenging phase of expansion of its membership, which calls for the participation of every one of its believers. This requires an effective teaching campaign with a clear understanding of the guidelines and opportunities. Teach the Baha’i Faith With Ease is a useful resource for both new and experienced Baha’i teachers. Gopaul attempts to answer some basic questions, such as “Why does one have to teach?”, “What are the benefits?”, and “Is teaching the Faith important?” Next, he examines the life of Abdu’l-Baha, our Hero and Exemplar. Throughout the book, quotations from the Writings are extensively used to show how to improve our teaching work. Finally, there are inspiring stories of how many have found and joined the Baha’i Faith. Teach the Baha’i Faith With Ease is a handbook, a tool chest, full of useful information that one can use for teaching activities.



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