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I thoroughly enjoyed reading Family Virtues: Give Your Child the Spiritual Edge. V. M. Gopaul fills this enlightening book with practical, philosophical, spiritual as well as humorous guidance on virtues and why it is of utmost importance to develop wonderful attributes within us and our children in order to lead a fulfilling and peaceful existence.
– Sylvia Momeni

I found this book extremely interesting, and from it, I learnt a lot about the importance of inculcating family virtues in children. The role of parents in this job is clearly emphasized and elaborated. Divine qualities, human virtues, and the purpose of human life have been highlighted to illustrate how parenting is a divine task. If parents and children really knew the value of virtues, the world would have been a far better place to live in because virtues have no boundaries.
– Dev Domun

It is full of insight on how to be a positive example to both children and other family members alike. It offers guidance from many different spiritual and practical perspectives; it is impossible to read it without learning valuable lessons all along, in every chapter. It is an incredibly helpful book to anyone who has to relate in any way to children, teenagers, and young adults, not just parents. The fact that the author included so many personal experiences which shows that he actually learned these things himself and he is not preaching without experiences behind him.
– Angela Kidd

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